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    About This Site

    This site contains the online live part of The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan, a book, published by Entrepreneur Press. You can order the book online today at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and Borders, as well as other sites. It is available in most bookstores, but please call first.

    Hi, I’m Tim Berry, I’m the author. I’m maintaining this site. I want it for several (all related to the book) reasons:

    1. I want to keep the latest edited text here, on the web, where I can keep it up to date. As I say in the book, just like plan-as-you-go planning involves keeping it alive, assuming change, and a lot of review and revise, so does writing about it. Books are still a useful medium, even in this world of web; but better a combination, no? That means …
            • Updated web links and resources;
            • Occasional (gulp) corrections; and
            • New sections, additions, and changes.
    1. Online videos, and web presentations. Why settle for a book by itself, when together, with something like this site, we can do a lot more? You can tell by looking at the book that it grew out of material that was originally done in live slides. Why not add that here?